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Learn: Covenant House & Youth Facing Homelessness

Why are teens homeless? Learn about what causes a young person to live on the street

How many young people are homeless? The facts about youth facing homelessness are staggering. Discover stats from the Covenant House Institute

What’s being done to address these issues? To put it simply, a lot. See what services Covenant House offers young people in need and stay informed about how we're growing - for recent developments, follow Covenant House President Kevin Ryan's column on Huffington Post.  

Listen: Meet Covenant House Youth 

Hannah & Teray: These two Covenant House residents have endured and inspire. This video tells their stories. 

Get to Know Us: Covenant House youth may not be who you think they are. Get to know them better in this video.

More Stories: Our young people come from around the world to Covenant House shelters across the Americas. Read about their journeys

Share: Ready-to-Use Social Media Content

Social media is the perfect place to start social fundraising. Use these ideas and examples across platforms.

Asking someone to start or join a campaign? Explain DIY fundraising with this video and share an example - we recommend this campaign from country star Martina McBride

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