For millions of homeless kids, basic needs like a hearty meal, warm bed, and safe shelter are true luxuries. Instead of knowing the joys of childhood, homeless kids face the life-or-death dangers of living on the streets. Covenant House was founded more than 40 years ago with the mission to serve these kids with absolute respect and unconditional love.

Covenant House Pennsylvania encourages growth, enhancement, and opportunity through a continuum of services, including individualized case management, job-preparedness courses (CHOICES), educational advocacy, behavioral health services, and drug and alcohol support. Our 76-bed crisis shelter in Philadelphia offers stability and structure, helping our kids achieve success while they work towards their goals. We also have a 10-bed crisis shelter in York, PA offering a similar array of services to the youth there. 

We don’t stop there. We strive to move each young person forward down the path to an independent adulthood, free from the risk of future homelessness, which is why we built our 20-bed transitional living program, Rights of Passage in Philadelphia. This program embraces independence, teaching our youth the skills necessary to end their cycle of homelessness. For more information, please visit