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How to Start Fundraising


Adding a photo and personal note to your fundraising page is always important, because it lets people know immediately that they're in the right place. Explain why you joined the Steps to Stability challenge, what your plan is for taking 50,000 steps, and how they can help. 

Here’s how:

  1. Click “Your Page” from the black menu at the top of the screen.
  2. To add a photo, click the pencil icon over the photo avatar and follow the instructions to upload an image.
  3. To add a personal note, click the “My Story” tab under your name and photo, then click the pencil icon in the right corner. 
  4. To customize your page URL, click the “Settings” tab (next to the “My Story” tab). Click the “Customize” link and add your name or initials in the field provided. Be sure to click the blue “Save Changes” button.

If you’re a team captain, click the “Team Page” icon from the top menu and follow the same steps to customize your team’s page.


Start with a few basic categories and fill in a list for each. For example: immediate family, cousins, childhood friends, college friends, current and former colleagues, neighbors, etc. Include people whom you see less regularly, like a LinkedIn connection, but still may want to hear from you. 

Consider the following questions when making your list: would this person open an email from me? Would I want to hear from them about something they’re passionate about? Is this a cause that they could connect with? Has this person been especially affected by coronavirus? (e.g. have they or their family fallen ill, are they facing any uncertainty with their job?)

Try to identify between 20-50 people. Now may not be the right time to ask some people to support your Steps to Stability challenge, and that's ok. By reviewing your list carefully and sorting it into categories, you can feel more confident about sending a message that each group will find meaningful. Remember, many people are looking for ways to give back during this difficult time. 

Shareable Content

Printable Bib

Print out your "race" bib to pin to your clothes for photos while you're getting in your steps!



You'll find images to post on social media. Make sure when you use these, you add your personal fundraising page URL to your bio on Instagram and Twitter!

Social Media Toolkit

Sample Messages


I've committed to taking 50,000 steps in one week to support youth at Covenant House. Please consider supporting my Steps to Stability challenge. 4.2 million young people face homelessness each year, and every dollar I raise brings them one step closer to independence and stability. [INSERT YOUR PERSONAL PAGE URL]


In honor of Pride Month and the incredible journey LGBTQ+ youth and all youth experiencing homelessness take on their path to independence, I've taken on a challenge in support of Covenant House. My goal is to walk 50,000 steps in one week and raise funds along the way. 

Why am I completing 50,000 steps? The average stay of a young person at Covenant House is 50 days. Throughout the course of the challenge, I'll learn more about the youth Covenant House serve. I can't wait to share their stories with you! 

A donation of any amount to my fundraising page is greatly appreciated, but let me tell you exactly what your donation can do for these young people: 

$24: can provide food for a new Covenant House resident for one day
$96: provides one youth with a month of transportation to school or work
$120: provides youth seeking employment professional clothing for interviews
$250: provides one laptop for students engaged in remote learning

No donation is too small, every single dollar I raise has an impact for youth overcoming homelessness. You can even donate per step I take to help motivate me to reach my step goal! Please visit my fundraising page to contribute: [INSERT YOUR PERSONAL PAGE URL]

Thank you in advance for your generosity!