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Let's Start Stepping!

How to Join & Track Your Steps

1. Complete the registration form! This is how you will create your fundraising page, be connected with a coach, and receive invitations to nightly events.

2. Download the MoveSpring app and create your Steps to Stability account! This connects to your wearable device or smartphone and automatically tracks your activity towards your 50,000 step goal.

create movespring account

3. Follow the steps to connect a device.Confirm the code: Covenant (not case sensitive), then confirm Covenant House as the organization.

Once your account is created, you will be added to the Steps to Stability challenge!

Already have a MoveSpring account? Just click the button below to join Steps to Stability!


Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start logging steps?

The Steps to Stability challenge begins Monday, June 7! You can log steps starting on that date and continue tracking throughout the week. 

Can I start fundraising before then?

Yes! Your fundraising page will be live as soon as you complete the registration form, and you can begin sharing it at any time. A fundraising toolkit is also available here.

Can I track steps without a smartphone or fitness tracker?

Yes! There‚Äôs an option to record your daily activity manually on MoveSpring when you sign-up. 

What happens when I reach my goal?

We celebrate! Post on social media to let us, as well as your friends and family, know that you have completed the challenge. We will be hosting optional events each night of the challenge, with a closing ceremony on the last day, and celebrating finishers along the way. 

I need help with the MoveSpring app. 

Check out the MoveSpring Help Center, how-to videos or contact their support team.

To contact MoveSpring Support in the mobile app, tap the menu bars at the top left corner of the dashboard. Then, tap the green Message support button at the bottom of the utility panel. On the website, click the blue chat icon at the bottom right of the screen. You can also reach the MoveSpring support team at [email protected].

I need help with my fundraising page OR I have a question about Covenant House. 

Let's talk! Email [email protected]

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