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Horses to Heal

A fundraising campaign by Jody Jacob-McVey

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Campaign:  Horses help CH Youth Connect, Create and Lead Life 

For most of us, the mere thought of a horse ignites all sorts of emotion, memories, and sensations.  Imagine how being in the company of horses, in a natural setting, can help young people who suffer from poor mental health, low self esteem, and little trust in the world they live in that may result from being homeless or exploited?

Since 2015, more than 100 homeless youth from CHNJ have participated in programs facilitated by horses at the Bergen Equestrian Center in Leonia, NJ. Guided by caring specially trained equine specialists, personal and leader development coaches, loving volunteers and mental health experts in a safe environment, CH young people learn to identify and voice their needs, discover new insights about themselves, develop new healthy relationships and practice life skills to carry them in to a future with choice, and responsibility and love.

In 2020 Covid-19 made its presence felt in unimaginable ways.  Due to Covid safety protocols, we had to postpone our groups in large part due to staff and transportation limitations.  In the best of times we have reached only a fraction of the Covenant House youth who could benefit from our equine quides.  

We are seeking 3 things:

1.  Funding to pay for transporation to the farm 

2.  Gather together creative people who are passionate about these young people and/or the lives of horses who live in Urban environments. 

3.  Crowd source the collective wisdom of all stakeholders to find solutions for our young people to have access to horses that are more permanent and perpetual that introduce more youth to this transformative work with horses.

My goal, is to have provide youth from CHNJ year-round access to our horses and programs.  

Thank you for being a champion for these youth and for the horses that heal them.

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