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Jalen Brunson's Holiday Gift Drive

A personal campaign sponsored by Jalen Brunson

Help me help youth overcome homelessness.

In the hustle of life, it is easy to take for granted simple blessings like warmth, shelter, or safety. I am grateful for the opportunity to team up with Covenant House who for over 50 years has opened its doors to millions of unsheltered young people.  Everyone deserves to rest comfortably and feel safe.  Please team up with me for the greatest assist of the season and donate. Together we can make an impact, and everybody wins.

Your support matters.

Donations to my fundraising campaign translate to things like clean sheets, nutritious meals, medical supplies, legal aid, and best-in-class care for youth overcoming homelessness at Covenant House. As an international organization, Covenant House also advocates for policies like ending human trafficking, foster care reform, employment and education improvement, and funding transitional housing programs that impact the well-being of youth overcoming homelessness everywhere.

Make a donation in support of my fundraising campaign by clicking the “Support Me” button above.

I can’t do this without you. Thanks for your support!